Aims, objectives

The aims and objectives of CSI shall be:

  • To support CSI members in the development and dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge concerning research, production, formulations, application of coatings, inks, construction materials, adhesives understood in their widest meaning

  • To support CSI members by publication in their local journals activities such as conferences, expositions, education and training and similar events for other CSI members

  • To encourage members by promoting and extending relevant knowledge so as to enhance the environment and ensure sustainable technologies

  • To play a supportive role in the education of the next generation of surface coatings professionals

  • To promote the idea of internationally recognised professional gradings for surface coatings professionals

  • To collaborate for allowing the free publication of technical papers in member journals

  • To co-ordinate dates for scientific, technical, and related events organised by members

  • To promote and strengthen friendships and contacts between CSI member organisations

  • To encourage any activity that will support these CSI objectives and contribute to developing international cooperation between the coatings scientists and technicians from public or private organisations such as universities, institutes or research centres worldwide